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October 13, 2011

Dear Dr. Lau,

I am a 52 year old woman with lifelong chronic sinusitis, repeated congestion and infections, headaches, earaches, and loss of sense of smell by at least 90%. I have had 4 sinus surgeries, years of antibiotics and other medications with little relief and sometimes the medications created other problems. I am currently under your care with twice weekly acupuncture and a combination of Chinese herbs on your recommendation. I am happy to say that I am finding very real improvement in all of my distressing symptoms and have increased energy levels as well. I am delighted to realize that I am smelling things that I have not smelled in years or never even knew how they smell. Thank you, Dr. Lau, for your expertise and your kind and gentle ways!

K. L.


October 3, 2011

I have had Meniere's disease for some forty- five years since I was in my early twenties. It started with constant tinnitus (ringing), which varied in loudness, in my right ear and over the years progressed to my left ear. Occasionally the tinnitus would be accompanied by attacks of vertigo (dizziness) combined with nausea, vomiting and diaphoresis (sweating). These attacks would last anywhere from twelve to thirty hours causing severe incapacitation.

Over the years I was treated for this ailment by at least a dozen medical doctors whose diagnosis included: an ulcer, allergies, stomach reflex, and gallbladder. I had my gall bladder removed. I also had MRI's and CT scans. I was scoped from both ends and I even swallowed a camera all to no avail.

The doctor whose diagnosis was Meniere's disease said, "There is no cure for Meniere's disease, and there is no cure on the horizon." In other words "live with it." All of the doctors treated the nausea part but could do nothing for the vertigo other symptoms. Hearing aids didn't work.

This past summer I experienced an attack that lasted five days during which I was bedridden. In July I had surgery to repair an abdominal hernia. This resulted in an attack that lasted six weeks during which I was housebound. Not only could I not drive a car, I could not ride in one without becoming nauseated.

I went to an ear nose and throat doctor who ordered a bank of tests. However, the earliest appointment for these tests was six weeks away. I could not wait that long.

In desperation I turned to acupuncture as a possible relief and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Lau. During my consultation it was apparent that Dr. Lau was well acquainted with Meniere's disease. He explained every step of his proposed treatment and what outcome I could expect. I began the treatments that day.

After the first treatment by Dr. Lau, I was put in the very capable hands of Andrea Schilling, a licensed acupuncturist, who continued my treatments.

On my forth visit I was able to drive myself safely to the appointment. My progress continues to improve after each and every treatment to the point that the tinnitus in my left ear has decreased 95% and my hearing in this same ear has improved to the best it has been in years. The nausea and vomiting has ceased and I am leading a normal life again.

My only regret is that I waited so long before trying acupuncture.



August 2011

Dr. Lau,

I am glad that I come across you or else my psoriasis will never go away. I have visited two different derms. The first one prescribed me different kinds of creams, but nothing helped. The second one put me to UVB. My psoriasis cleared up about 90% after receiving over 30 UVB sessions but it came back after winter.

Your acupuncture treatment plus the Chinese herbs have tremendous effect on curing my psoriasis. After eight treatment sessions and almost two months on herbs, I am about 90% clear. I truly hope it will never come back again.

Thanks for your help.



June 30, 2011

I am 76 years old. The cartilage between the bones in my neck had deteriorated which left me in severe pain constantly. The cortisone shots that I received did not help.

Surgery was out of the question. As a last resort I decided to try acupuncture. I am so thankful that I did. After 12 treatments the pain is almost gone. Thank you Dr. Lau.


H. M.


June 8, 2011

My name is Kelli and I am 23 years old. For the past 3-4 months I have been suffering daily with Migraines. I have been in and out of the hospital five times in 2 weeks, had a spinal tap, blood patch, multiple infusions, 10 different prescriptions, multiple doctor's appointments w. my neurologist and NOTHING had improved!!!!!

I finally was so fed up and in such chronic daily pain I did not know what else to do.... I went online and did some research and knew a few people who went to Dr. Herbert Lau and have been cured ever since. I am now on my fifth treatment and I have not had one single migraine since the 1st treatment!

Kelli H.


May 26, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Around May of 2010 I was diagnosed with essential tremors at the age of 16. As the tremors got worse and worse I sought out treatment that didn't require any type of medication with adverse side effects, etc. I was in school the one day and one of my teachers had brought up acupuncture and how it is used to treat many different things, so I decided why not?

After just a couple of treatments I could feel the tremors less. Dr. Lau also suggested that I take certain herbs and vitamin supplements, which are also helping. I have gone from not being able to write down notes in class, to being able to write up a two page essay in twenty minutes (let my SAT be proof). I'd like to thank Dr. Lau for everything he has done to help my condition so far.


Nicholas Cimato


April 20, 2011

Dear Dr. Lau,

I have suffered with facial pain for nearly five years. I have been to many doctors and dentists throughout this time in search of relief. They include oral surgeons (four teeth removed), a sinus specialist, two TMJ dentists, a rheumatologist and chiropractors. I have had blood tests, x-rays, MRI‚€™s, and laser treatments. I finally went to a neurologist, and he diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed medication. The medication helped greatly, but I still wasn‚€™t completely pain free. I decided to revisit Dr. Lau, who had treated me for headaches ten years before. After my very first visit with Dr. Lau, I noticed a marked difference. I am continuing my acupuncture treatments, and I hope that between my neurologist and Dr. Lau, I will become and remain pain free.


M. Boblak


April 1, 2011

Dr Lau,

You have been treating me for about a month for excessive stress, tension and headaches, for which I am feeling significant improvement.

Last week, however, I was experiencing the most painful menstrual period I can remember, on my regular appointment day. My head was pounding so hard I was nauseous, the cramps were excruciating, and my lower back was pulling and very painful. You chose to treat me for the menstrual symptoms on this occasion instead of stress. I felt a little better after the treatment, just wiped out, so I went home and went to bed a little early.

The next morning I woke up without any symptoms at all! I've never experienced such complete overnight relief. I am absolutely convinced that it was your treatment. I will recommend your treatment for anyone with challenging, painful menstrual symptoms.

Thank you for your continued good works.



April 2011

Dr. Lau,

In March 2006 I was hurt at work. An MRI showed that I had a disc bulge, annular tear and a disc herniation (L4-L5 and S1). I've seen physical therapists, a chiropractor and even a spine surgeon (Andrew Cappuccino, MD).

I had discomfort pain between 5 and 7 (note: on a scale of 10). But not severe enough for surgery. He prescribed lidocaine patch 5% and referred me to Gosy Pain Management for further care. They prescribed a RS medical muscle and pain stimulator, more lidocaine patches and chiropractic visits. The pain decreased to 3 - 5 (note: on a scale of 10) but it was still there. Gosy wanted to suggest spine injections. I replied, not at this time, let's go with acupuncture first and they set it up. My first treatment wasn't as good as I thought, but the 2nd visit got better and the discomfort started decreasing. By the 6th visit I felt even better. I went back to Gosy Pain Management; my discomfort went from a 3 - 5, to a 1 - 2. This only took six weeks other than years the other ways.

Thank you Dr. Herbert Lau.


M. Smith


March 22, 2011

Dr. Lau,

Thank you and your staff for your professionalism while treating my TMJ and the associated headaches that occurred. The headaches have now been eliminated. I still have residual pain around the jaw, but Dr. Lau has minimized the pain to where it no longer affects my everyday life.

Thank you for that.

God Bless America.

Ralph C.


March 20, 2011

Dr. Lau,

I have had migraine headaches since I was twelve years old (I'm now 27), and have seen five different neurologists, two chiropractors, a TMJ specialist, nutritionist, massage therapist and have had little success. In the past, I usually got 1-2 migraines a month and they were brought on by stress, the weather or hormones.

This past June I had my first child, Noah, who has been keeping me on my toes, but I also found myself very worried about who would help take care of him if I got a migraine and my husband, (who is a wrestling coach and teacher) was out of town. My migraines started becoming more frequent, lasting longer and the prescription medicine that I was on was almost ineffective. I was depressed and it seemed like I was out of options.

I had researched acupuncture when I was pregnant with Noah and had really bad migraines during the first four months of my pregnancy. My doctor was skeptical of the treatment and told me to see a chiropractor instead, but I didn't forget about Dr. Lau and King's Acupuncture.

My first appointment was in February and I actually had a migraine that I had had four days when I came into the office. When I left the office, the headache was gone and I haven't had one since.

I appreciate everything Dr. Lau has done for me. He's truly a miracle worker and his office staff is wonderful to work with as well. I wish I hadn't waited so long to try acupuncture. Migraines are terrible to live with and you don't have to.

Amanda S.


March, 2011

Dr. Lau,

I want to thank you for helping me with GERD. I was on medication & was not happy about it. I hate taking pills. My alternative was to try acupuncture. I was quite confident that it would work. I took 5 sessions with you and slowly I saw it (GERD) disappear. As of today I don't have the burning, bubbly stomach along with the horrible gas. I am so happy. I feel free to go out safely & eat in public as normal people do. All the conventional doctors just kept giving me pills which either didn't work or made the condition worse.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank You.

Barbara Jacobs
NOTE: GERD is acid reflux


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