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received 10/19/00

Univera Health Care
899 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14203

Dear Dr. R.:

This lady found significant improvement through acupuncture treatments. Her neck feels better than when I saw her on 8/2/00. She does stand with her head jutted forward about 1cm from the trunk. She can forward flex the chin to the chest and extend 16cm. Rotation is allowed 70 degrees bilaterally. She can abduct bilaterally 180 degrees with troubles. There is tenderness over both lateral epicondytes of the elbows, in addiction to ongoing pain in her heel.

It has now been ten full months since this lady was involved in a motor vehicle crash. This lady has not worked full-time since the accident, however, was working on a part time basis throughout the spring, however, couldn't perform her duties as a hairdresser.

She continues to have troubles. At this point I would not recommend surgical intervention. She is going to need ongoing non-operative care with the acupuncturist. My major concern is that the job as a hairdresser is that of a profession in which the hairdresser needs to stand for long periods of time, in addition to keeping their arms abducted and being able to support themselves with their trunk, thorax and neck musculature. I don't believe that this lady is going to be able to return to this kind of work, particularly if she unable to tolerate her present symptoms at ten months after injury

Orthopedic& Spine Surgery


Oct. 19, 2000

Dear Dr. Lau,

Thank you for eliminating the acute pain which I endured under the left arm, rib area. In three visits you stopped all the pain. Also restored my breathing which is now normal.
I had contemplated surgery for carpal tunnel, on my left hand and now it seems a surgical correction, will not be necessary. In appreciation for your skillful ministration, I am sending you this note of thanks.

Gloria Wesley
Perrysburg, NY


Sept. 23, 2000

Dr. Herbert K.Y. Lau,
King's Acupuncture

Dear Dr. Lau and Staff,
I am so happy I found you! After a foot injury one year ago and visits to two podiatrists who offered me insoles and basically said "just live with it," I heard about and consulted Dr. Lau at his acupuncture clinic. I had been experiencing considerable pain and intense burning in my foot since the injury and could only tolerate heavy soled shoes. Since I had always enjoyed power walks each morning and lots of physical activity, being inactive was extremely depressing for me. Each treatment by Dr. Lau improved the condition of my foot, decreasing the burning and renewing the flexibility. Now the burning has ceased, the pain is gone, I am resuming my power walks and feeling very optimistic. Dr. Lau's treatments were a turnaround for me.
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Lau for his patient, meticulous analysis of my problem, his time in evaluating it and his kind, gentle and thorough method of treatment. His staff is cheerful, upbeat and efficient. And I loved the relaxing classical music! The entire experience was a very pleasant and positive one. Thank you.

Marie Guildford


Sept. 19, 2000

Dr. Lau,

Thank you for the presentation to our Tuesday night, Fibromyalgia support Group. Your presentation was very well prepared and filled with quality information.

I know the group found the demonstration helpful and informative.

Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and time.

Delphine Herman, PTA
Arthritis Foundation
Program Coordinator


Dear Dr. Lau,

Thank you very much for the top-notch treatment you have given me. It is miraculous the way you eliminated the severe pain that I have been suffering.

First of all, I had such severe pain in my neck that I could not even turn my head enough to drive a car safely and my fiance', James, had to drive me all over. Now I have no pain whatsoever in my neck. The little acupuncture needles in my neck hardly caused me any discomfort, but they were effective in restoring the full range of movement to my neck.

Secondly, my upper back was causing me terrible pain. Your skillful hands stopped this pain in my upper back that had me in agony for fifteen years.

In addition, my lower back caused me such crippling pain that I could not walk well or far. For six years I suffered such pain in my lower back. Also, I had pain in my feet, wrists and fingers. My medical doctor tells me that I suffer from fibromyalgia. Dr. Lau, your acupuncture helped these conditions tremendously.

Unlike the time before I saw you, Dr. Lau, now I can walk and exercise without pain. Thank you for your acumen which is nothing short of miraculous. God bless you and I'll see you again if I get any more injuries.

Yours Sincerely
D. Tomake, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Buffalo, NY



Dear Dr. Lau,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your hard work and compassion throughout the acupuncture sessions. Over this time, I am relieved of 85% of the chronic sciatica. I haven't felt this good for many years.
Enjoy the rest of the summer. Please say "hello" to your lovely wife and staff.
I'll be sure to call when I have a flare-up.

Marcia J. Cloen
Buffalo, NY


May 25, 2000

Dear Dr. Lau:

I am writing this letter in an attempt to express my never ending gratitude to you (and your wonderful staff) in helping me to overcome the debilitating bonds of "chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD).

As you know my health has been somewhat compromised for many years due to constant allergies and consequent respiratory and bronchial infections. But, the true nightmare did not begin until February 1998 when I contracted an especially virulent strain of influenza which immediately compromised my entire respiratory system. Since that time I have been hospitalized on six separate occasions and have been on 24 hour (supplemental) oxygen for almost fifteen months. Even with the aid of constant oxygen therapy my physical capabilities were extremely limited due to the severe shortness of breath and very low energy reserves.

Over the past 27 months I have been prescribed a broad range of therapies in an attempt to improve my serious condition. Included was extremely large does of steroids, low dose chemotherapy and anti organ rejection drugs. Sadly, all of these treatments left me to deal with various and (often) serious, negative side effects.

It was not until I began treatment with you in mid-April 2000 did I begin to feel any significant relief. I am now able to breathe on my own on May 5, 2000 after only four visits to your office. Since then I have continued to receive two visits per week (totally ten visits thus far). I feel as if I have been liberated from a prison of physical incapability's. It is as if I am living a miracle.

I can now walk at a reasonable pace and not become short of breathe. I am able to perform non-aerobic physical tasks and do not become totally exhausted. I feel so blessed to be part of the "miracle" that God is performing through your healing knowledge and practice.

Thank you will never adequately express my gratitude to you (and God) for helping me to renew the physical part of my life. My eternal hope is that you are able to help as many people as possible with your amazing ability.

Please know that I will be more than happy to speak to anyone who may have questions regarding my acupuncture treatments. Thank you for sharing your gifts, compassion and eagerness with anyone in need.

May God bless you and your family, always.

Mary A. Shomaker


Dr. Herbert K. Y. Lau

I came to your office and walked in with a cane, 1/2 hour later I didn't need the cane. I made 3 more visits and my lower back felt good and I can bend.
Thanks for your help.

Joe Ritzenthaler


March 9, 2000

Dear Dr. Lau:

I wanted to write to express my thanks for your treatment and guidance in dealing with my ear problem. As you are aware, I was diagnosed with Tinnitis by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. I was hopeful that there would be an effective treatment for me. The specialist basically told me that there was not treatment and that I would have "to live with it."
Although there is no pain associated with this condition it is extremely annoying because it causes a constant and annoying ringing in the ear. It is very distracting and also caused me much anxiety. I was upset and frustrated with the outcome.

After discussing this situation with my sister, who has successfully
managed her medical problems through acupuncture, I decided to at least give it a try. I was somewhat skeptical because I was uninformed about acupuncture. When I called your facility I was happy to hear that you had treated patients for Tinnitis and that you had achieved good results. I am pleased to report that after four treatments (over the past two weeks) I have experienced only one episode of ringing which lasted approximately five minutes. I appreciate your guidance and treatment. I am feeling good and I thank you for working with me. I learned a good lesson, which is to search for alternative treatments when you are told that there is no
treatment or hope.

I wish you continued success in your field of treatment.

Peggy Beardsley


January 07, 2000

Dr. Lau,
Here is my attempt at a testimonial.
My name is Kent Berger. I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1975,
and began seeing Dr. Lau for a serious pain condition called Tri-geminal Neuralgia that I have had since 1989, on Dec. 21, 1999. After having enough drugs with no result at one point in time the Neurology Dept. at the VA recommended to cut the nerve. 4 times but the problem persists. Since seeing Dr. Lau I have begun to experience periods of pain relief to the point of "no pain" beginning from 30 minutes of relief to now I have had periods of
time lasting up to 6 hr. and I am getting about 6 hr. of sleep, normal was a couple of hr. twice a day. Chewing was out of the question, drinking ability limited. Much better now. I have had 6 appointments so far and look forward to my future treatments. Dr. Lau has an excellent touch for locating the nerve and getting the right spot. I understand it is no over night fix for the problem that has persisted for 10 yrs but I am confident in Dr. Lau's ability and expertise that we will get it done. I emphasize "we" because he works with me and gives me an explanation of what he is doing and makes me feel as important as the exact spot treatment is required and has genuine concern. I only wish I had done this before I allowed the surgery. I anticipate & look forward to adding my experiences with this in the future and I will continue to have positive results.

Kent Berger

my AOL address is obkbee@aol.com

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