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January 4, 2004

Dear Dr. Lau:

Thank you for the incredible treatment I received at your office.

I had eczema on hands for many years. I had tried different treatments with little success. The intense itch and soreness would lead to open cuts and pain.

After 2 treatments, I immediately noticed an improvement and after 9 treatments the eczema is gone. After having it for over 30 years!

Thank you for your skill.

Rae Frank
Gainesville, NY.


March 4, 2004.

Dear Dr. Lau,

Thank you so much for helping me with - depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), insomnia, and Anxiety, and low energy.

When I first came to your office, I was feeling extremely ill. Within a few visits, I was much better- I’m very calm now, my mood was up-I was sleeping most nights, and my energy is better. On a scale of 1-10, I was about 2 when I first came to your office. I’m now about 8. I’m very thankful for finding this alternative care and I thank you again for your knowledge and wisdom.

Sincerely yours,
May God bless you.

Susan Ann Wood- Lockport, NY.

P.S. Your staff is kind-caring and a joy to be with.


Dear Dr. Lau,

A short note to thank you for the acupuncture treatments for my TMJ pain. You were must professional & kind and I truly appreciated your efforts. If I can ever be of any assistance to you please let me know. Please give Anna my regards

Most Sincerely,
Sheila Ditullio
Erie County Judge



Dear Dr Lau,

As you know, I came to you with a ā€œfractured pelvicā€.

Prescription pain pills did not work. I went thru 3 different prescriptions and had the same resultsā€”nausea, fever, grogginess and constipation. I opted to try acupuncture-and thank God I did.

By the 2nd treatment, I felt the pain ease up a little and from there on, each treatment improved my condition. By the end of 4-5 weeks, I have to say I am 99% better.

You are not only a good Doctor but very caring and gentle and just plain nice. I thank you.

Betty Kelly

P.S. My best to your wife and Patty


May 18th 2004

Dr Lau,

    For the past year and a half I have suffered with chronic lower back and SI joint pain. I had numerous epidural injections and months of physical therapy with only limited success. My physical therapist suggested seeing Dr. Lau for pain relief and after only three treatments, I stopped taking all pain medications I was on. After having twelve treatments, I continue to be pain free, and I am now able to do all my normal daily activities, including driving, that before acupuncture, aggravated the pain. I wish I would have tried acupuncture treatment sooner.

Thank you Dr. Lau.

Sheila D.


June 21st 2004

   I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. After one treatment with Dr Lau, there was no more pain. With every treatment, I got more movement back in my face. Ten treatments and I had 100% of the movement back in my face.
    My girl friend suggested acupuncture to me when I was diagnosed. She came to Dr. Lau for sinus problem and now has none. After 30 years of sinus problem, she has none now, amazing.

Thank You,Dr. Lau
Jesse Kane


July 8th 2004

Dear Dr. Lau,

Thanks to your expertise, the tendonitis I was experiencing for several months was totally gone after my acupuncture treatment. I do believe that alternative medicine is a great healer.
Thank you

Rona Polakoff

Editor's note: Rona has tendonitis of knee and hand.

The following is English translation of a testimony written in Chinese

Respected Dr. Lau:
Greetings! Thank you for curing my son’s Bell’s palsy, I am deeply grateful to you.
Your medical skill is truly miraculous, especially with acupuncture. My son’s Bell’s palsy was cured after a mere 5 treatments. My son is 13 years old. Needless to say, my husband and my whole family are very grateful to you.

Thank You !

Xiaoqing Ch


September 30, 2004

Dear Dr. Lau,

Thank you again for helping to take the pain away that I have experienced for the last 2 years, with left wrist tendonitis.
I tried physical therapy and a drug for inflammation, and it was not helping. I was skeptical about acupuncture but that thought is gone. I am almost pain free and able to resume things I was not able to do before.
Your patience and knowledge is appreciated, and I recommend you and acupuncture to anyone who wants to be pain free and not have to take medications that could cause more problems.

God Bless,

Dawn Maj



Dear Dr. Lau,
   I can’t thank you enough for the relief I have received from your treatments. I was being treated for TMD in the conventional way. I was fitted for an appliance in October to help relax my jaw and prevent me from grinding my teeth. I came to you in November for acupuncture treatments to relieve stress. I mentioned that I was being treated for TMD. You applied acupuncture to the affected area and I felt immediate relief. I went back to the Dr. to pick up the appliance I had been fitted for in October. It didn’t fit al all and could not be adjusted to fit me. I had to be re-fitted for a new appliance. The Technician was stunned!
   I wish I had come to you first for this TMD condition. I would have saved a great deal of time, money and discomfort. I would also like to thank you for the wonderful herbs prescribed for my frequent “hot flashes”. They are all but gone. My husband thanks you too! I would recommend to anyone who suffers from TMD or any other stress related problems to seek acupuncture treatments first. I am feeling much better now and am thankful for your help.

My Very Best Wishes,
Lynn Fioretti


Dear Dr. Lau,
  After suffering migraine headaches for nearly 20 years, it’s hard to believe that today the headaches have been reduced by 70%, by your treatments. Even after my third treatment, when I did have a migraine headache, I could tell that the pain and all the other side effects were different. The pain is much less intense and is less constant. In fact it’s been four months since I’ve had to take a prescription drug for the pain. I’m now at the point where the headaches are so few and mild, I don’t even take aspirin. I can’t thank you enough! Although I’m totally sold on your treatment, I also am convinced that your special care and kindness and the attention from your staff have contributed to my improvement.
  In closing, I’m not just sold on your treatment, but I’m a raving fan! My quality of life has never been better.

Regards and Good Health,
Steven Marsillo

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