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December 2014

I was in extreme pain when I started treatments with Dr. Lau. My sacroiliac joint was inflamed and it was even difficult for me to walk.

With my continued treatments with Dr. Lau, my pain got better and better. I no longer need my pain pills. Dr. Lau is a very gentle and caring man. I highly recommend him to anyone who has pain issues. I have another note about how acupuncture works. Years ago our family dog was having pain in his back legs. He got to the point that he couldn’t walk. Our veterinarian recommended an acupuncture treatment, so we had them try. When we went to pick him up he ran out to see us and was jumping around the room. It really helps!


Susan G.

November 2014

The pain that I have experienced was due to an injury using a piece of exercise equipment for the first time. Dr. Lau, with his patience and relaxed style, helped me through the acupuncture process. What amazed me was the fact that the pain kept moving up and down my neck, never knowing where it would appear at any given day. Through his perseverance, Dr. Lau was able to identify where the pain was evolving and worked on that place in the anatomy of my neck. It was apparently in the sternocleidomastoid muscle which runs down the side of my neck. Today, I am 95% healed and am grateful for the great efforts of Dr. Lau, who is eminently qualified in the acupuncture technique.

My mother was his patient before me. She suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for years but finally decided to stop her medication, which was making her drowsy, and seek the advice and therapy of Dr. Lau. She was in her 90’s at the time and not sure she should believe in the process, but Dr. Lau performed the miracle he has been doing for many years and completely cured my mother.

So it is no wonder that I made the good decision to trust Dr. Lau with his expertise in acupuncture. It was definitely a good one. Thank you Dr. Lau.


Sylvia S.

August 2014

Just a quick note to express how much Dr. Lau has impacted my health with his natural care. Being a pack-a-day smoker for over 30 years, it was time to make a change. The treatments I received for smoking cessation strengthened my resolve both physically and mentally. Dr. Lau truly helped me with this difficult task. I am proud to say with his help I am now a non-smoker.

Jay H.

July 2014

Dear Dr. Lau & Staff,

I had acupuncture with you to induce labor prior to the birth of both of my children. We had our first daughter on July 24, 2011 and we had our second daughter on June 9, 2014!

The excellent acupuncture treatment and care you provided allowed us to have two natural childbirths without drug induction or pain medication. The treatment helped me to relax and prepare my body for birth.

I have had such a pleasant experience with all of the staff at King’s Acupuncture. I have already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you so much!


Brigid Gallagher Borsuk & Family


July 2014

Dear Dr. Lau,

I have been coming to King's Acupuncture for approximately six weeks. When I arrived, I had so much pain in my hip from arthritis that I could hardly walk. I was told I needed a hip replacement soon but I am barely 50 years old so I didn't want to rush into surgery without exploring every other option. Physical therapy, aquatic fitness, yoga and cortisone shots did not work for me; acupuncture was my last hope. After six weeks of treatment, 2 times per week, I am nearly pain free. In addition to acupuncture, I am taking two natural herbs to complement the treatment. I can walk my dogs again and lead a relatively normal life. This week I went to see Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake at First Niagara Center and I was able to walk to and from the venue and dance for all of both concerts! Six weeks ago I did not think that would be possible. It is a very clean and comfortable facility and the staff is very friendly. Dr. Lau is clearly very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. For those people that fear needles, it doesn't hurt at all as Dr. Lau is very gentle. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. They have earned my respect and gratitude.

Katherine F.

East Amherst, NY


June 11, 2014

Regarding Dr. Lau and King’s Acupuncture:

I have received extremely effective and yet noninvasive and gentle acupuncture sessions from Dr. Lau. His knowledge of the field and keen understanding of Chinese Traditional Medicine are matched by his diagnostic abilities and precision.

My first session of acupuncture with Dr. Lau was to affect sinus and allergy issues that I have had all of my adult life. During the treatment I was amazed at the transformation of my sinuses, I could literally feel the swelling recede and air begin to course through my breathing passages in an uninhibited way I had never experienced fully before. It turns out I was an excellent recipient for acupuncture and my treatments left me feeling wonderful and completely able to eliminate reactions. I was ecstatic to now achieve a medicine free state – for good. The success of the first treatment converted me to a fully loyal promoter of acupuncture and Dr. Lau; it only made sense to receive even more treatments, which naturally caused even more functionality to return to my system.

I also received treatments for general wellness and metabolism/weight issues that bothered me both physically and emotionally. These treatments were highly successful as well, beginning with the very first session which I was more than happy to enjoy. Each successive treatment alleviated barriers to my system’s functionality, and “lifted” me – without fog, without prescriptions, without side effects – naturally enhancing my body’s own ability to process these issues.

Sometimes people are hesitant to “try” acupuncture, for a variety of reasons. I would like to encourage people about the success they can achieve and recommend these processes fully - noninvasive, practical and life-changing. Why wouldn’t anyone try this – its’ so simple!


Jennifer Z.

Graphic Designer


May 16, 2014

Dear King’s Acupuncture & Wellness Center,

Thank you for the wonderful experience of being treated at your East Amherst Office. Your staff was always helpful and concerned. My husband had been treated a few years ago for problems in his wrists at the Kenmore office. After his treatments his hands improved and he was able to continue the work that he was doing with less pain. After I had a total knee replacement a year and half ago I began to have problems with back pains and pains in my leg. After speaking with my knee surgeon I was advised that I have a bulging disk in my back which was causing the sciatica pain and hamstring cramping. Although he suggested several medical interventions I was not comfortable with those alternatives. I remembered how my husband had found relief through acupuncture. I had my consultation with Dr. Lau and he explained the concept and the possible help that acupuncture could offer me. He also reviewed the types of medicines that I had been prescribed and addressed possible side effects of these that could be making my condition worse. After adding one supplement, diet adjustments and calcium he felt that acupuncture would continue to relieve some of my pain. We began treatments. After the third treatment I awoke one morning and upon sitting up in bed realized that the pain the sciatica caused was almost gone. I continued treatments and that area was free of pain. The hamstring and related muscle cramping was a bit more difficult to pin point and treat. Dr. Lau suggested that I take an herbal treatment which brought relief from the leg cramps. Through on going treatments these areas of pain were addressed and pain relief was obtained. Throughout the treatments Dr. Lau and his staff were always helpful, gentle and concerned for my comfort. I now know that I have a place to return to if these problems or others re-occur. Thank you so much!

M. Sobkowiak
Tonawanda, NY


April 11, 2014

I’ve been fighting the case of hives on my skin, which lead to constant itching which I would itch so hard I would draw blood. This was going on for six months before I could get in to see a dermatology doctor. After months of seeing him, we found out through tests that the hives were not being caused by eating food. So it came down to what was causing my hives was what my skin was coming in contact with; which is we all know too well, could be almost anything. So after a year I decided to see about acupuncture treatments. I went to Kings Acupuncture and I have to say, after 6 treatments I could see results, so I continued on for 4 more treatments. I have so say; the only time I itch now is because of dry skin after this long cold winter. I put on a little cream and I feel great.


Carl M.


February 1, 2014

Dr. Lau,

I came to you for my bursitis in my right hip and subsequent pain problems from the bursitis. It has helped me greatly and I no longer have sleep and mobility issues. The manner and professionalism of you and your staff was A+. Your office is pleasant, clean and very relaxing. I appreciated your thorough and kind administrations to my pain.

Thank you again. I will certainly recommend you.


C Sinclair


Jan 20, 2014

Dr. Lau,

Your treatment has really helped me to relax and get a good nights sleep. Also the electric needles relieved the pain in my elbow, and in conjunction with my physical therapy is leading me to a speedy recovery.

Thank you,

Paul B.

Doctor's Note: Paul was here for treatment of right elbow tendonitis, stress, fatigue and insomnia.


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