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January 7, 2005

I came to Dr. Lau for relief from carpal tunnel syndrome in the Fall of 2004. The intense pain in my hand and wrist was waking me up several times each night. After the first visit, the pain was almost completely gone! After several more sessions, the carpal tunnel symptoms were gone except for slight numbness in the tips of my middle and index fingers, (which my regular doctor feels is not carpal tunnel related.) I still work on the computer all day and am pain-free. I don’t wear my brace anymore and am able to sleep the night through! Activities that used to cause severe pain, such as gardening, house cleaning, and driving, don’t bother me at all!

During my treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, I accidentally fell on the stairs at home and injured my back, resulting in pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain and loss of mobility were terrible! After two acupuncture sessions, this problem is also a dim memory!

In addition, my acupuncture treatments resulted in the following:

No more hot flashes! (These were so bad, I was waking up every hour or two.)

Raynauds’ syndrome gone! (Raynauds’ syndrome causes fingers to quickly turn yellow and go numb in cold weather, (this makes winter sports very difficult.......... actually............it makes living in Buffalo very difficult!)

Quit coffee! I didn’t want to quit coffee, but during my course of acupuncture treatments, it just didn’t taste good anymore. This was after 25 years of four to six cups a day! Three months without coffee so far. I sleep better and I am wide awake in the morning without my caffeine “fix”! I just don’t have any craving for it anymore!

No colds, flu, bronchitis, or other illness and this is working with hacking, sneezing, sniffling co-workers who always get me sick enough to need anitbiotics and a week or two to recuperate.

Improvement in energy level! I no longer come home from work and immediately want to go to sleep! I do stuff after work! Also, I am not cold all the time.

Disappearance of a huge bulging vein in my leg! I have had it for years, and one day, about half way through my treatments, I noticed it had smoothed out and disappeared!

This is kind of an odd improvement, but my fingernails are stronger. They used to be very brittle and break easily. Since my acupuncture treatments, they are much healthier looking!

And, saving the best for last, it is absolutely WONDERFUL to sleep all night without waking up with carpal tunnel pain or hot flashes! There is just no way to put a price on a good nights’ sleep!

Dr. Lau, Wende, and Patti truly care about their patients. They make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. They really listen to you, which is a skill western medicine is lacking! I am so glad I tried acupuncture instead of surgery for my carpal tunnel!

Thank you Dr. Lau, Wende and Patti for the most precious gift of all, good health.

Joan Dionne


I started having headaches approximately 8 years ago. I was taking OTC drugs (Excedrin Migraine) to help the pain. After years of dealing with my headaches this way, I asked my doctor for help. He prescribed an anti-depressant used to also treat headaches. This lessened my headaches at first, but they got worse again. I changed doctors and my new doctor sent me to a neurologist. For about a year, I tried about 10 prescriptions to prevent and treat these tension and migraine headaches. Some of these drugs made me worse, and some lessened the pain for a while. Eventually, these drugs made me feel run-down and increased my headaches to daily. Then, I went to Kings Acupuncture to try a new approach.

Dr. Lau helped lessen my headaches to about 2 per month with acupuncture and without being on any prescription medicine. I am so grateful to not have a headache each day. Now Dr. Lau and I are going to focus on my psoriasis while maintaining headache treatments. So far, the areas of psoriasis have reduced in size. I can’t wait to see what future treatments bring. Thank you, Dr. Lau!


Justine Ostrowski, LMT



Dear Dr. Lau,

It was a pleasure meeting you on Friday and I'm happy to report that the
acupuncture that you administered is by all appearances fulfilling its
intended function. I have not smoked since entering your office.
One of the little pins in my ears felt infected on Sunday so I removed them
both. When needed, I substitute pressure from the tips of my fingernails
on the approximate location in the ear, with my thumbs against the
backs. Probably not at all an action included in a NCCAOM protocol but
serves the purpose. It hurts a good deal and certainly distracts me from
thinking about smoking.

And aren't the Ease Plus tablets quite the concoction. About 10 minutes
after taking the prescribed number (3) I was just as the mellow as could
be. There is no question that they kept me from committing a number of
crimes during the first three days. Today, completion of day 4, I forgot
about them and took only 1 this morning. I don't think I need them any
longer but am glad to have them on hand should I feel signs of getting out
of hand.

While I know that vigilance will be necessary to some extent or another for
the rest of my life, I am beginning to feel the joy of a smoke-free
existence. I shall be more than pleased to refer anyone who appears in
need to you for treatment of smoking or other ailment.

With gratitude,

Karen Smith


March, 2005

Dear Dr. Lau:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter endorsing you and your acupuncture treatments. It wasn’t too many months ago that I was reading similar letters in your office from other patients who were praising you and the relief that they received from acupuncture treatments.

After my first visit I was able to sleep through the entire night, something I had not done in months. As my treatments continued, I experienced a reduction in my stress and tension levels. The various herbs that you recommended helped me to gain optimum energy and assisted with my acid stomach symptoms. I am thankful that I researched alternative medical treatments and discovered you and your web page on the internet. I know that many folks might be skeptical concerning alternative medical treatments but what I would say to them is that it worked for me and now I would highly recommend my friends and relatives to consult with you; my wife is a current patient.

Thank you, Dr. Lau, for being such a caring, conscientious, and compassionate professional. Your ability to listen to me explain my symptoms helped you to quickly diagnose and remedy my health problems. I wish you all of the very best.


Rick Dudkowski, Professor
Genesee Community College


April 15th 2005

Thank You, Dr. Lau.

On March 31, 2005 I was in terrible pain in my back, and I could barely walk. After five treatments I am 90% cured. Thank you very much.

Adam Moninski


May 13th 2005

Dear Dr. Lau,
    I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you. I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for over 10 years. I have tried chiropractic care through the years, with no lasting relief.
    After only 2 treatments I started to see immediate results. Today I will have my 12th treatment, and can honestly say I have no pain in my lower back. I’m pain free. I feel as though I have my life back.
    No words can express how thankful I am for your professional care and kindness. Every visit with you and your staff has been a very pleasant one.
I highly recommend Dr. Lau to anyone that is having any pain.

Felicia Lepine


May 13th 2005

    I suffered from a horrible pain in my lower abdomen for many, many months. The pain was so severe it sent me to the emergency room twice thinking some part of my body was about to explode. My family Dr. gave up after trying to cure what he thought was a very bad bladder infection. I spent 6 months straight on different antibiotics, to no avail. I was sent to see a specialist. CT scans, x-rays, and a cystoscopy found nothing. Off to the kidney specialist, more blood tests, ultrasounds, Lithotripsy, (a procedure where sound waves pulverize kidney stones in your body.) It did not help. The pain was still there and worsened with every month. It often caused me to double over and vomit. I was sent to another specialist, who finally, after several more tests and a surgery gave me a diagnosis. Endometriosis. It is a debilitating, painful disease which continues to progress. With this disease the tissue that lines the uterus and sheds and bleeds each month develops in different parts of your body. These implants or growths cause pain, infertility and other problems. I could not stand the pain. I was on heavy-duty painkillers, which I took daily in large amounts. These prescription drugs left me feeling exhausted and foggy. Sometimes they didn’t work. When it came time for my menstrual cycle, I was sick to my stomach, vomiting, and bedridden. I could not be the wife I wanted to be for my husband, or the mother I wanted to be to my two boys. My house was in constant disarray. Even before I was diagnosed with endometriosis, my family Dr. had me on anti-anxiety medication. I have to admit I was a hard case to treat. It seemed I always had a sinus or gastrointestinal problem. My Dr. thought if I weren’t so stressed all the time I wouldn’t keep having these illnesses. I started on a muscle relaxer, tried some antidepressants, usually with undesirable side effects. Nothing worked! Finally I tried Ativan, which seemed to work at first, only I had to keep increasing the dosage to have a calming effect. I knew this drug was highly addictive. Every time I tried to stop taking it for a few days, I experienced withdrawal symptoms, which included severe headaches, uncoordination and insomnia. I was a mess!! An anxious person, diagnosed with a painful chronic disease, my options were limited. It seemed a hysterectomy; along with hormonal replacement (yuck – more pills) was my only chance for a pain free life. I’m 31 years old and was not looking forward to a forced menopause.

The next part of this story can only be described as a miracle. Sad, tired and in pain and feeling like a walking pharmacy, I called a girlfriend to tell her I would be unable to attend an event she had planned for months. In our conversation my illness came up. She told me of a person she knew who also had endometriosis for fifteen years, with symptoms similar to mine, who had been cured (pain free for five years). She had seen an acupuncturist named Dr. Lau. Another friend she knew was also seeing him for a different problem. She swore by him. I trusted my friend, who was not one to tell false tales. She was also kind enough to get me information and Dr. Lau’s address and phone number. At this point I was willing to try anything. My first treatment, I was at my worst point. I was about to start my menstrual cycle. I was treated with acupuncture for endometriosis and also for stress. It was the first time in many months I didn’t vomit and lay withering on my bed. After only my second treatment, I was able to cut my prescription painkillers to ½ the usual dose, and anxiety pills by ½. I felt energetic and was able to do house and yard work! My third treatment, I NO LONGER used the painkillers at all, except for Tylenol, which is a lot better than having to take Hydrocodone or Butalbital, controlled substances that leave you feeling like a zombie! I was then able to cut down my anxiety pills from 4 a day, to just one at night. I have faith that after a few more sessions I will no longer need them. People who have seen me sick and who see me now, have commented on the difference. After each session I feel better and better. My stress is diminishing and my energy increasing. My pain is slight and bearable and I have yet to finish the course of acupuncture sessions. Dr. Lau has given me my life back. I would recommend him to anyone with endometriosis or someone suffering from stress or an anxiety disorder. Actually, I would recommend him to anyone suffering a disease that modern day medicine has failed to help. Acupuncture works. I am not exactly sure how it works, but it does! Also, while in the waiting room one day I read an article from a newspaper, stating that Dr. Lau is one of the top leading men in this field. Don’t you deserve to go to the best? Dr. Lau has my devotion that he is the best.

Thank you, Dr. Lau
Keri Werbowski
Varysburg, NY



Dr. Herbert Lau and Staff

Can not Thank You enough for what you did for me. I could hardly walk and after "4" treatments I felt better than I have in years.

Just before I left your area, I came in for treatment. I made the 1,300 miles to Florida with no pain. The only pain was the gas prices in Georgia, $3.10 per gallon.

Thanks again for your help.

As Ever,
Francis Myles

"I just can't thank you enough for all you've done. You were there with a helping hand just when I needed it most…. And I'll always remember you."


October 20, 2005

Dear Dr. Lau,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for providing me with relief after a year long exacerbation with Ulcerative Colitis.

Within three initial visits, along with an herbal regimen, I experienced significant improvement. That was in late July this year. Currently I continue with the herbs.

I have been receiving treatments twice a month.

My bowel movements became normal without bleeding. In addition I experienced a decrease in abdominal tenderness and regained more vital energy.

I am also being followed by a gastroenterologist, who has treated me with Mesalamine, without results. He became frustrated with me when I refused steroid therapy.

As you are aware, this is not the first time I have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for relief. Seven years ago while on active duty in the military, I chose to see a TCM doctor in Providence, Rhode Island who treated me during an acute exacerbation when other conventional methods failed.

The military physicians were amazed. I eventually testified before the state Health and Human Services Committee as to the effectiveness of TCM in a case of Ulcerative Colitis.

Please share my story with your colleagues and patients who may be skeptical.


Lynn S.


November 3, 2005

Dear Dr. Lau,

I want to thank you for your kind and very successful care.

As you know, for six years I had not been able to walk comfortably for any distance, having to stop and rest frequently. After one of your treatments, I already felt an improvement. After six treatments, I was able to walk normally up and down the streets of Philadelphia with my daughters. You can imagine my delight (and theirs).

Gloria Valls

Dr. Lau’s remark: Western diagnosis unknown. Could be peripheral neuropathy, lumbar radiculopathy, or intermittent claudication.


December 5, 2005

Hi, My name is Rene.

I’ve had 2 discs removed some 35 years ago but was fortunate to be able to keep working till I retired 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the last three months some new lower back problems with extreme pain involving my left hip and thigh plus nerve pains have kept me down. I am happy to report that after 9 treatments, I am back to my daily activities and restful sleep. I am pleased with the results.

Rene Paquin


December 5, 2005

Dear Dr. Lau,
Well, it has been over a month so far and I have not had a cigarette! Who would have thought smoking for over 30 years could be stopped by having one treatment.
I feel great! Thanks for an early Christmas present.

Claire Pankow-Nablo


December 7, 2005

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Lau,

Thank you so much for the well wishes on the birth of our son. We want to thank you for all of my wonderful treatments of Acupuncture which we believe helped to make this possible.

Anna and Todd


December 12, 2005

Hi, My name is Rene Paquin,

I started on Isagenix on the 29th of November weighing 183 lbs and wearing pants size 36. After 9 days, I now weigh 172 lbs and no longer have to inhale to fit in my pants, I just line up the bottom hole and “Voila”. I am very pleased with the results.

Rene R Paquin

Note: From Dr. Lau, Patient had lost 11 lbs in 9 days.

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