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December 18, 2007

About three years ago I started having lower back pain that radiated down my hamstring when I was sitting. Standing took the pain away. I am very active person and don't sit for long periods of time but when I did, the pain reoccurred. About one year ago, I started having inner thigh pain and I thought it was related to Pilates exercises. I tried resting the thigh but it was just getting worse. I talked to my doctor about and after having X-rays she sent me to physical therapy. I was faithful about going to physical therapy and doing the home exercises but the pain persisted. Apparently the PT was not helping.

I returned to my doctor who then sent me to Buffalo Spine. Before I went to that facility, a friend of mine, Ken Kingsbury told me about the relief he received from acupuncture at King's acupuncture. I realized I had nothing to lose so I started treatments with Dr. Lau. After several treatments the pain was subsiding and I was experiencing relief. I went to buffalo spine and had several expensive tests including an MRI but they gave me nothing to relieve the pain. They advised me to be careful not overload my back or my condition would worsen.

Presently, my sciatica pain is gone and my inner thigh pain is very slight but it is a vast improvement. I am thankful about the referral to Dr. Lau and recommend him to everyone. Acupuncture is truly amazing.

Linda Wieland


December 14, 2007

Dear Dr. Lau,

There’s nothing better for me, than to be pain-free. Thanks to Dr. Lau, I have now accomplished that. I am so happy, and relieved that there was something other than pain meds or surgery for me. This has been a blessing! I tell all my friends, who have noticed a difference in me lately, that it’s because of Dr. Lau’s treatments.

I have suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia for over ten years, which for those of you who don’t know, is facial nerve pain, which affected my eating, brushing teeth, and worst of all, laughing. These are two things I love to do, eating and laughing, and now I can do both, pain-free. It took five visits before I really was pain-free, but I’m really here.

Leola Hall


December, 2007

Dear Dr. Lau,

My husband and I can't thank you enough... you "gave us our son back"! Conor - who as you know, is only 11 years old - had chronic migraine and tension headaches for almost two months straight. From the day it "came upon him", it affected every aspect of his life. He missed weeks and weeks of school, he couldn't go outside and play with his friends, he sometimes had to lay in dark rooms, he was exhausted and miserable. It also affected our whole family. Our teenaged daughters were worried and confused, and my husband and I felt helpless and frustrated. We tried everything we could think of with no success: pediatricians, hospitals, neurologists, chiropractic, massage, supplements, and lots and lots of prescriptions - complete with negative side effects. We would do anything just to try to stop his constant pain.

Then, an old friend told us about you and King's Acupuncture. She said that years ago you freed her from the use of oxygen tanks for 4 years! What a gift. Someone else I talked to told of instant relief from horrible shoulder pain after only one acupuncture treatment. I've heard more and more success stories now that I share mine with everyone I know... because you truly cured Conor of his terrible headaches.

Since the first time we came in and talked with you, we felt calm and hopeful. That same evening, after the first treatment, Conor immediately felt relief. (Not to mention that it didn't hurt one little bit...and it was really "cool".) After a couple more treatments, he was 100% PAIN FREE. As a mother whose child was suffering and felt like there was nothing I could do, it was like a miracle. I don't think Conor's ever been happier - it's like he has a new lease on life. He's doing great in school, is a joy at home, and is outside playing everyday. From the bottom of our hearts....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Diane Clancy


September 24, 2007


At the end of June 2007, I exerted my back, pinched a nerve and consequently suffered from sciatica. I began a physical therapy program and improved somewhat but reached a plateau at two months. At that time, I began a series of acupuncture treatments with Dr. Herbert K.Y. Lau. I have become increasingly more comfortable in walking, sitting and finding a comfortable sleeping position. Now after 12 treatments, over the period of 4 weeks, I am functioning on all levels with no pain. Many thanks to Dr. Lau.


Rose Marie Parrinello


May 12, 2007

Dr. Lau,

I thank you for your expertise in applying acupuncture methods for my condition. I came to you severely depressed. After 10 sessions I am again a happy and energetic person. I very much appreciated your ability to adapt acupuncture methods for my individual needs. I very much appreciate your thoughtful and caring manner. I have, and will again, recommend your office to people I associate with. For myself, if I need help again with my health, no matter what that might be, I will definitely come to you again. Thank you very much.

Sharon W.


April 25, 2007

Dear Dr. Lau: I am writing this letter to let you know how grateful I am that I came to your office for the treatment of acupuncture. I have 3 herniated discs in my neck that have been causing me severe pain on a day to day basis for the last year and a half. I have only had 3 treatment sessions with you so far, and I am practically pain free. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I will continue with the acupuncture treatment plan that you have planned for me. Once again, thank you and your staff for making my life more enjoyable and pain free.

Best regards,
Karen D.


April 22, 2007

Dear Dr. Lau,

A big great thanks for helping me with my weight loss.

Having made a decision to get fit and lose weight, I decided to see an acupuncturist for treatments that may help.

My appointment with you was very informative. He discussed various ways to get with a weight and fitness program.

I decided to try a program called Isogenex. They have a 9 day quick start program which I thought was a perfect start in the right direction.

The program includes meal replacements with shakes, vitamins, and a cleansing routine.

I was overjoyed that I could stay focused and not fall back on old eating habits. On day one my weight was 228lbs. (Body measurements are also taken) on day 10 I weighed 220 and had lost 18.5 inches. (My scale at home showed a loss of 14lbs.)

Incredibly I feel great, look great and have lots of energy.

Dr. Lau, thank you for your support and coaching during the process. I am continuing with the 30 day program to continue my progress and get into that bathing suit this summer.

A. Jackson


January 8, 2007

Dear Dr. Lau,

After your diagnosis that my pain was not from my back, but my hip, I insisted on seeing an orthopedic doctor. He did hip x-rays, showing that I was walking bone to bone. I had my left hip replaced November 20, 2006. I am recovering quickly, and mostly free of any pain.

I greatly appreciate your expertise and knowledge. I am sure the back Dr’s would still be leaving me in pain.

Betty Fox


January 3, 2007

Dear Dr. Lau,

Anxiety and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Testimony

All I can say is thank you Dr. Lau!

From the earliest time I can remember (age 9 maybe 8 years old) I suffered from terrible anxiety accompanied by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). First of all, IBS wasn’t a frequently recognized disease back then and secondly, children were not diagnosed with the problem. My childhood growth and development, adolescent and college years and professional career advancement were all weighed down and complicated by continuous anxiety, stomach upset, and pain.

Over the summer of 2002 I saw you for acupuncture treatments. I can’t remember how many but I know I only saw you over the summer months. You also gave me herbs. I saw you regularly and took the herbs as you prescribed. Since that time I have been FREE FROM STOMACH UPSET AND GASTRIC DISTRESS.

Again, thank you. I am astonished by the results. BEFORE I CAME TO SEE YOU I DIDN’T BELIEVE IN ACUPUNCTURE. It’s truly amazing what the treatments have done for me. It’s been over 4 years and I am pain free. This was a major problem for me and really kept me from living a normal life. Anyone who has it knows what I mean.

Your professionalism, wonderful care, and incredible knowledge are the reasons why I have decided to return to your care for help with weight-loss. You are truly fantastic! I can’t express to you how happy I am. Thanks again.

Please feel free to post this in your office and/or on your testimony page so that your patients can read it.


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