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December 29, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1987. At that time I was put on Prednisone off and on for two years. I then started to take Motrin 800, 4 or 5 at a time 4 times a day. The Motrin took me from barely being able to walk to a better sense of balance and more strength in my legs. At that time I started to ride an exercise bike. Shortly after that I started to do acupuncture with Dr. King, from whom you bought the practice. At the time I started acupuncture I had a very bad headache all the time, walked with two canes, had no bladder or bowel control, no sense of taste or smell, was numb all over my body and was totally exhausted all of the time.

Since that time, about 1990, I have gotten acupuncture on a regular basis. I have found that monthly treatments seem to work the best. I am still very tired, but I fee very blessed that I am doing as well as I am. A lot of rest and a low fat diet also help.

Gretchen L.
Lockport, NY


December 23, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

Thank you so much for helping me. At the beginning of October I suffered an acute attack of pain in my lower back, which my primary doctor thought was a ruptured disc. A nerve running from my spine down my buttock and leg was affected. I took muscle relaxants, inflammation and narcotic medications the 1st month, as well as being sent to a chiropractor and physical therapist for two months. Although I progressed from walking at a 90-degree angle to being fairly upright, there was no relief from the severe pain. My Doctor sent me to a spine specialist who ordered an x-ray and MRI and a follow up to determine treatment, but I needed to wait two more months, until February to see if I could be helped. All this, I should endure with no medication, just over the counter Ibuprofen.

I began seeing Dr. Lau the beginning of December. I felt some relief after my first treatment! After five treatments I felt an 80% relief of pain. The week before the first acupuncture treatment I remember describing the pain as feeling as if someone had wrapped my nerves in my back and leg around red-hot, prickly horse chestnuts and was torturing me. After only five acupuncture sessions, my pain had lessened to a dull ache. I went from taking 800mg. of Ibuprofen, three times a day, with very little relief, to having my pain controlled by taking 400 mg. once a day. With each acupuncture treatment I feel better and I expect to be my old self soon. The treatment of electro-acupuncture is so relaxing and enjoyable. It is amazing to find something works for me and it is not drugs with harmful side effects!

After two more sessions I would say the pain is alleviated 990% and I take only one Aleve tablet before expecting to stand 4 hours at work.

I would definitely recommend trying acupuncture to anyone with this type of condition. I am so glad I did. Thank you, Thank you.

Carole B. from Cheektowaga, NY


October 28, 2008

Dr. Lau,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given me over the past several years. Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful and unpredictable facial condition. Your skill with acupuncture has allowed me to avoid the use of drugs for flare-ups. Thank you once again.

Lorraine A.


October 23, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

For almost six years my husband and I tried to get pregnant. The first year was spent ‚€˜trying‚€™ on our own. We were young and healthy and thought nothing of it. After a year with no success we decided to see a specialist. We went to THE infertility doctor in Buffalo. We endured tests and procedures, many of which were painful. We used several different medications loaded with hormones that made me crazy. I even had exploratory surgery performed. After all that, the doctor still had no explanation for our infertility. We fell into the small percentage of people who are considered ‚€˜unexplained infertility‚€™. Although there was no explanation, the doctor proceeded to prescribe medications, shots, and we even tried artificial insemination (with my husband‚€™s sperm). Still, we were not pregnant.

After almost two years, we decided to stop treatments and take a break. Two years and a miscarriage later, (although it ended in miscarriage, the pregnancy was conceived naturally), we attended a session on adoption. The process is long and the cost, astronomical. My aunt then told us about Dr. Lau and the work he had done for her mother-in-law when she was enduring breast cancer, we decided that we would try this one last possibility before starting the adoption process.

Everything about Dr. Lau‚€™s office made us feel comfortable and hopeful. I started weekly treatments that included not only treatments for the infertility, but also relaxation and stress reduction.

Less than six months after starting treatments with Dr. Lau, we found out we were pregnant. We continued treatments for the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy and everything about the pregnancy was healthy and normal.

We now have a perfect, healthy, baby boy. We have no doubt in our minds that it was Dr. Lau‚€™s treatments that made this possible. What we, and other doctors could not accomplish in six years, Dr. Lau did in six months and without any painful treatments or invasive hormones.

Dr. Lau, thank you so much for our miracle. We can‚€™t express how happy we are and how much we owe to you. I hope this helps other patients feel hopeful and know that there are other options out there. Thank you again for everything.

Chris and Mike B.


October 20, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

I have been suffering with upper back spasms, especially on my right side every Autumn for many years. The pain is constant until the first frost. I am receiving acupuncture treatments for this and am experiencing great results. My pain has been reduced by about 80% as compared to what it was prior to treatments. I have had shots, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments and massage with minimal results.

I would recommend acupuncture treatments to anyone suffering with severe back spasm pain. Thank you Dr. Lau, I am almost pain free and feeling great relief.

Lynn A. Fioretti


October 13, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

I am so thankful I found you and your wonderful staff when I was in Buffalo this summer. I have been back in Florida now for over a month and I still feel so good! You said my aches and pains were healing and wouldn‚€™t get any worse, which they haven‚€™t. Every once in a while I get a little achy and I look forward to more treatments this coming summer when I‚€™m in Buffalo.

You are not only a wonderful doctor, but such a kind, gentle and caring man.

With gratitude for all you do, with appreciation for all you are.

Saundra S.

Doctor‚€™s Note: She was suffering with lower back and pelvic pain.


October 9, 2008

I have been a patient of Dr. Lau‚€™s since May of 2008. I wanted to try acupuncture in combination with chemotherapy. I had just had a serious cancer episode that had seriously affected my liver. I asked my oncologist if acupuncture might be a good accompanying therapy and she readily agreed.

When I first came to Dr. Lau, my sister had to drive me to my appointments, because I was so weak and unsteady on my feet. My skin and eyes were completely yellow and I had absolutely no energy. My feet and ankles were very swollen. My oncologist started me on the new chemotherapy and Dr. Lau treated the reactions I had to the chemotherapy and the swelling in my feet. He also worked on energy and the feeling of well being.

The combination of both acupuncture and chemotherapy has made a world of difference. I am now back to my old self and able to take part in all the activities that I had enjoyed before the cancer episode. I was able to attend and fully participate in my daughter‚€™s Louisville, Kentucky wedding this past September. I continue with my chemotherapy and acupuncture treatments. I am very thankful to both Dr. Lau and my oncologist for their excellent care and results.

Katherine C.


August 28, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and Wende, your administrative assistant, for the services I received at King‚€™s Acupuncture from May until July, 2008.

I sought treatment for breast pain, particularly in the right breast, for several months following a breast reduction in November of 2007. I consulted the surgeon, and as surgeons go, they are surgeons only. I was told to deal with it and that it may improve within a year or so. I also had severe scar tissue that was becoming hard and painful to touch. I was told to continue to massage deeply and made to feel that I was not doing all that I could to heal myself.

I found this disturbing, since I am a holistic practitioner, certified in cranio sacral therapy, healing touch, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling and also a Reiki Master Practitioner. I am well aware that the body speaks to you and one needs to be intuitive to what it has to say. I believe that there was nerve blockage that was causing me extreme pain in the right breast and around the scar tissue area. It was so painful at times, that the pain would awaken me from a sound sleep. I prayed to God that there was not a tumor there. I immediately scheduled a mammogram that rested my fears. The tissue looked healthy.

When I had this problem with pain in my right breast due to breast reduction surgery in November of 2007, I felt that acupuncture might be beneficial for me. I asked several of my colleagues if they knew of an acupuncturist and I was given the number of King‚€™s Acupuncture on Transit Road. I called and made an appointment immediately. I was given an appointment within the same week. Wende, the administrative assistant was helpful and assured me that Dr. Lau listened to his patients‚€™ needs. That‚€™s what I had been looking for. It‚€™s now August of 2008, and I can say with a great big smile on my face, that I no longer have breast pain and my scars are healing beautifully!

Blessings to you,
Pat DePrima, MS Holistic Health Practitioner & Reiki Master


August 24, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau:

I am writing to tell you that your process helped my aching knees. After several sessions, I noticed a great improvement. You and your staff were friendly and pleasant to deal with and my appointment time was respected.

I have, and will continue to recommend you to my friends. Thank you for your help.

Ken C.


June 24, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

As you know, I woke up one morning last November with sharp pains in my left shoulder. After several months of heat and ice treatments (recommended by my physician) and some massage therapy, I still found no relief from the nagging and constant pain.

I couldn‚€™t lift my arm to shoulder level without pain. Anything I attempted to do I was unable to complete due to the discomfort.

I turned to you for help and after a few electro-acupuncture treatments I was on my way-virtually pain free. The procedure was not uncomfortable and treatment time was short.

Acupuncture really worked for me. I am back to playing golf with no discomfort and I‚€™m living without the constant discomfort I‚€™d previously experienced. If I have any future problems with my shoulder, I would certainly see you before re-visiting my doctor. I know you can help people with many other problems -- some of which I may someday turn to you to help.

I would recommend your services to anyone. Again, thank you for all your help. I‚€™m glad I relied on King‚€™s Acupuncture and called 688-1768 for relief.

David Passalugo


June 12, 2008

This letter is a testimony to the benefits of acupuncture for the treatment of depression and anxiety. After having surgery for the replacement of a shoulder, I found myself in a constant state of anxiety. Depression had set in before the surgery because of all the limitations caused by the pain. My physical therapist had told me about another woman who was having the same problems and how she went to see Dr. Lau and after the first treatment felt an immediate improvement.

Being open to any help I could get, I made an appointment with Dr. Lau and also noticed an immediate improvement. Not only did I notice it, but so did my husband and sister. I could actually feel the difference and started to make plans again. When I went to lunch with a friend she couldn't get over the difference. Now she has made an appointment with Dr. Lau for a sinus problem.

I was put on Lexapro by my primary doctor and I am now being weaned off and heading back to my normal self. I only wish that I had considered acupuncture before I was put on a drug, because there are no side effects with acupuncture.

I am ever so thankful to my physical therapist for recommending Dr. Lau and in the future I will always think of acupuncture before starting any other treatment.

Lynn T.


May 25, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

I have been in contact with you regarding my son Eric M. and he was treated by you for smoking. He only needed one treatment, and says he is smoke free. I am so happy because it is what you also had done for me about ten years ago, and I have not taken a cigarette since.

THANK YOU - and I will always remember you and your treatment of me for smoking, almost ten years ago. I am living because of you. Thank you, and thank you for my son Eric.

Susan M.


May 20, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau:

Having just completed the last of six visits earlier this week, I wanted to thank you for all of your help in alleviating the pain and discomfort in my Achilles tendon. Even though I had been advised by certain doctors that the swelling in the Achilles tendon area would subside over a period of time, I decided not to wait and sought out acupuncture treatment with the help of a good friend of mine.

Your treatment was most professional and you eliminated all of my fears on the first visit. And on each and every visit I felt that the area of treatment was substantially improving. Once again I wish to thank you for all of your help and if you need any recommendations for your patients from a previously skeptical attorney, please don't hesitate to have these patients contact me.

Very truly yours,
David C. Laub


May 6, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

I have suffered with chronic sinus problems since I was 18. Now, at age 36, and after a short time of acupuncture treatments I have been relieved of severe sinus and allergy problems. I have been to several medical doctors, taken allergy medications and sinus medications to relieve my sinus/allergy problems. Acupuncture has left me with no side effects and I have found I sleep better at night. I thank you Dr. Lau for helping me.

My wife has suffered with acid reflux since she was 12 years old. She has taken anti-acid medications and been to several doctors for relief and no hope. She could not even drink a glass of orange juice without a severe problem. After a short time of treatment she has never again complained of acid reflux.

We both thank you, Dr. Lau for your professional care and successful help.

Annemarie & Douglas T.


April 18, 2008

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis on April 4th. The pain was excruciating. I could not put weight on that foot. I called Dr. Lau on April 7th. He said Acupuncture would help, so I went in for treatment that evening.

The next morning I could walk on the foot. There was still some pain, but after 3 more treatments the foot felt much better. The alternative was to receive a shot of cortisone from the medical doctor. I did not want to do that.

I would highly recommend acupuncture for this problem.

Jeanne S. Peterson


March 17, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

Off and on for the past 5 years I have been suffering with pain from a condition called costochondritis. This condition is chest wall pain due to inflammation of the cartilege and bones in the chest wall (ribs and breast bone).

I have been using heat, ice and Advil without much success. Recently, a friend of mine suggested acupuncture for the pain, and after some research on the internet I decided to try it. Much to my surprise, the pain was a little better after my first visit and considerably better after my second.

I came to King's Acupuncture with an open mind to find at least some relief for the pain and so far I have been happy with the results. I am very pleased I chose King's Acupuncture because of your knowledge and experience. I look forward to continued success with my treatment plan. Thank you.

Donna P.


March 2, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

I would like to thank you for your help and support in my quest to get rid of a bout of depression I was suffering with. Yes, acupuncture did work for me and the herbs you suggested I take also helped.

I wish to share this with all who have this problem as there is hope and without taking medications that may cause other problems. It is truly the best thing I could have done and to know there is hope out there is comforting.

Don't exactly know how or why it worked so well, but to me it was the answer to my prayers and a bit of a miracle!

To all that feel distressed, please give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Thank you again, Dr. Lau.

MDL Clarence, NY


January 22, 2008

Dear Dr. Lau,

When I paid my first visit to your office last Wednesday, I was fairly certain that acupuncture would alleviate the problem I was experiencing because I had successfully undergone acupuncture for other ailments with a doctor in another state a few years ago. I decided to visit your office because I had felt pains in my lower back that radiated down the backside of my left leg for roughly the preceding two weeks, and they showed no signs of abating. The pains were sometimes severe enough to awaken me at night while I was asleep. Based on internet research I suspected it might be sciatica, which I had never had before, and I did not know what might have caused it in me.

On my first visit to your office you listened to my explanation of the symptoms and you determined that it was the piriformis muscle that was causing irritation of the sciatic nerve. You very accurately diagnosed the problem, and after the very first acupuncture session, the pain in my left leg vanished. I still had a bit of soreness deep inside the left hip, and after the second acupuncture session two days later on Friday, that discomfort also vanished. My final session was on Tuesday, less than a week later, and by the completion of that acupuncture session all pain had disappeared from my back and my left leg.

As I said, I was fairly certain acupuncture could correct the pain I was having, but I did not think it would happen so quickly. I want to thank you for zeroing in on the cause of the problem and for accurately applying excellent acupuncture techniques. I am a confirmed believer in the effectiveness of acupuncture, and I will certainly return to you for help should I again experience persistent pains or other health problems.

Michael D'Ambrosio


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